April 6th, 2014

This week I worked on cleaning up my project for the Beta Review.  I finally got around to implementing some of the minor functionality that I had pushed to the backburner these past couple of weeks.  This included updating the UI, toggling between two models, and starting to clean up and better organize my code.

In terms of the UI, I created input fields that allow the user to set a value for the rotation of the selected joint, with it updating in the view on blur. Limitations have been set up on all joints so that the user cannot set the rotations to be out of range.  On selection, the upper navbar displays the rotation angles, as well as the name of the joint selected. I also created a button that toggles between selecting the root of the character and the previously selected joint.

I also added functionality to let a user toggle between two different models.  It stores the positioning of the hidden model so that the pose doesn't get lost when toggling.  Eventually, this will be set up so that one model has male proportions and one has female proportions.  Currently, having the two models load with the page slows down the initialization of the app.  I'm going to look into the possibility of loading the second model with ajax or some other method to increase load time.

Additionally, I began sorting out my code into smaller js files to increase readability and make my life a bit easier.  I plan to continue to do this, as well as start to refactor and comment my code over the next couple of weeks.

Through the next couple of weeks, I'm going to be focusing on implementing ik and cleaning up my app.