April 20th, 2014

This week I worked on setting up some of the initial pieces to implement inverse kinematics.  First I loaded an effector point, set its color to be blue (to differentiate it from any other joints, and to make it easier to spot).  Then I set up a couple of radio buttons that would allow the user to toggle between fk and ik.  This is set up such that the effector point is only shown when the inverse kinematics button is selected.  Last, I set up a way to track the location of the effector when it is moved.  This is setup on a click and drag event and currently just prints the new x and y location of the point.  In the next couple of days, this will be set up with the camera to calculate out the relative <x,y,z> coordinates in the viewport.

Next week I plan to implement the CCD algorithm for inverse kinematics.  Additionally, I will need to figure out a way to handle the click and drag of the effector point without having the camera rotating as well.  If possible, I want a way for the user to be able to manipulate the camera and the effector without one effecting and altering the use of the other.  I also hope to clean up and separate out the UI a little more to keep the navbar from being so cluttered and busy.  I am considering adding buttons that will allow the user to toggle which information they want to see.